Saturday, April 26, 2008

When it rains, it pours!

It seems like this saying is certainly true! Although I had a fabulous time last weekend, the days to follow would be an emotional roller coaster of happy and sad times! I found out while I was in Columbia that my grandparent's dog of 14 years died suddenly, which crushed me because I knew how incredibly upset they would be. They are dealing with it fine, but I know they miss their "baby". Then when I got home from Columbia, I found out about Heather's car wreck. I am so thankful that she is going to be fine and that God protected her from the worst! A few hours later, the roller coaster went back up because I found out that Corey's water had broken and that her baby would be coming soon! On Tuesday, she had baby Grady (yayy!) AND my car broke down on the way to school (another plummit on the "ride of life" lol) Luckily, Tony's dad was able to fix it in a few days so I wasn't without a car for too long. All of these events, combined with wedding planning STRESS and 23 students who NEED summer vacation, created a very hectic week. However, I'm glad that it is the weekend and have had a great one so far! Tony was actually off this weekend so last night we saw a movie, this morning I helped my parents with a yard sale, and tonight I got to help my sister get ready for prom! I can't believe she'll be graduating in a month! lol Anyways, later on tonight, she and some friends are going to spend the night with me so it should be fun! WHEW this is a long blog, but I needed to update for those who think I'm interesting enough to read about! =)


TRiSHY said...

I sure hope you are not sore from speeding walking around the track lastnight bc i sure am!!! ;-)

Summer Laney said...

Hey Valen-
Hope your week is going better this week. I found your blog through Heather(who I don't know)blog through Kelly's blog. Hope you don't mind me reading! See you soon.